Hasten Cleanse—Industry Leading Degassing Solution

Hasten Energy Solutions LLC is the premier supplier for all of your vapor suppression and degassing needs. We aim to provide you with a degassing solution to reduce flammable vapors on contact.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, our products are shipped to your facility rapidly.

Hasten Cleanse offers tank degassing and vapor abatement remediation for the oil, gas, chemical, refinery, and pipeline sectors.

Whether your needs are for degassing, tank cleaning, vessel cleaning, bullet cleaning, turnaround services, or tank circulation, our product will yield the results you’re looking for.

Water-Based Formula

Our product is water-based, does not contain added microbes, and is non-hazardous for shipping or storage. It is an industrial strength concentrate used for cleaning tanks and equipment of hydrocarbon residues.

Methane, Propane, and Butane are examples of flammable gases. Gases can be lighter or heavier than air, be odorless, and have no color. Just because you can’t smell it, or see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Why You Need Protection

Sometimes gases escape resulting in explosions, asphyxiation, and loss of life. One way to help keep your plants, employees, and neighborhood residents safe from toxic, flammable, and dangerous gases, is to make sure to always keep your equipment clean. This is essential for the cleaning and degassing of any size fuel and oil tank.

Lowering the LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), our product has the capability of lessening the risk of combustion, explosion, and fires improving worker safety. LEL is the lowest concentration of a gas or vapor in air capable of producing a flash of fire in presence of an ignition source.

The formulation of our chemistry has the ability to hold incompatible ingredients together, in its stable water-based solution. The shelf life of Hasten Cleanse is indefinite in an unopened container. Once opened, the shelf life is three years if not contaminated by outside materials.

At the bottom of the page is a link to our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that complies with the Global Harmonized System (GHS) requirements.

Deeply Effective

Being extremely effective, our product works on most types of soil and an array of surfaces that are not water soluble for removing gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons.

Our mitigation agent will:

  • Lessen volatility
  • Boost solubility
  • Hasten biodegradation
  • For tank walls and internal structures, a high-pressure spray will convert sludge into a liquid and pumpable emulsion, lessening vapor levels.

First Responders

When sprayed directly onto a fuel or oil spill, our product eliminates explosion hazards and fire. Agitating aggressively will substantially reduce dangerous volatile conditions to have the LEL readings decline to feasibly register to zero. Trust it for first responders to use in an emergency soil remediation plan to eliminate contamination caused by hydrocarbons.

Road and highway cleanup is assisted when removing any oil sheen that can be hazardous.

Small petroleum spills can be as justifiable for cleaning as large hazardous spills to people and the environment. These can be non-emergency petroleum spills for residential or commercial oil spills, for instance:

  • Parking lot oil drips
  • Toppled over tanker truck spills
  • Leaks into containers around fuel tanks
  • Storm water drain contamination

If these spills are within a company’s boundaries, they can usually be determined and solved by company internal responders. These must be resolved if there is an immediate threat of fire or explosion depending on what was spilled and the quantity. It can also be an uncontrolled release of a petroleum product to the environment, such as a stormwater drain.

In these instances, Hasten Cleanse will mitigate the situation quickly, whether you are an internal responder or a mitigation company doing the work.

Our product will also control hydrocarbon contamination in soils. Soil Remediation in non-emergency conditions is very important as well.

All of the constituents of Hasten Cleanse are listed on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory List.

Hasten Cleanse is sold as a concentrate for all of your degassing needs in various size containers. Call us today for more information on our product and how it can meet your degassing needs at (832) 655-7763. Read more on degassing on our parent website or read about Hydrocarbon Tank Cleaning with Hasten Cleanse.