Hasten Cleanse—Industry Leading Hydrocarbon Spill Remediation

Hasten Cleanse is specifically designed as an emergency spill response agent for incidental hydrocarbon spills. Hasten Cleanse rapidly bonds itself to hydrocarbon particles. Once bonded, Hasten Cleanse quickly suppresses vaporization by raising the product’s flash point. This process significantly reduces the possibility of an accidental ignition and the threat of fire or explosion.

Hasten Cleanse has a low surface tension and does not solubilize hydrocarbons. This characteristic causes hydrocarbons to be repelled from surfaces to which they are attached and allows natural buoyancy to occur. This phenomenon lifts treated hydrocarbons from firm surfaces such as asphalt and concrete roadways to speed up the clean-up process.

This performance property is beneficial for removing oil, fuel and other contaminants from motor vehicle accidents and other incidental spills. Hasten Cleanse, unlike similar products, is not a chemical dispersant or a strong emulsifier. Chemical dispersants and emulsifiers break down the hydrocarbon molecules into small particles that create an oil-in-water emulsion. Emulsification combines hydrocarbons with the water that creates water contamination and adds cost to the recovery of the spills. Although the emulsification process is beneficial in reducing vapor production and increasing surface area for bioremediation, water contamination is a costly disadvantage.

Hasten Cleanse is specially formulated to provide the same performance criteria as a chemical dispersant without the water contamination problem. Hasten Cleanse also possesses excellent remediation qualities that break down hydrocarbons through natural biodegradation. Laboratory and actual field usage have reported results from a two – to – twelve-fold increase in microbe numbers after only one application of Hasten Cleanse. In several cases, Hasten Cleanse reduced hydrocarbon contamination to below reportable levels in just two days.

Frequent uses for our product are:

  • Volatile organic vapor
  • suppression
  • Contaminated soil remediation
  • Bioremediation of contaminated soil
  • Hazardous spill containment
  • Hazardous spill cleanup
  • Oil and fuel storage tank degassing and cleaning
  • Hard surface decontamination
  • Metal cleanup

Hasten Cleanse quickly reduces odors and flammable vapors. Our product improves the outcome for the environment. Our product is produced to be microbe-free and nonhazardous. It is an industrial strength concentrate for eliminating VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Being non-hazardous, and silica-free, it is not abrasive and will not hurt metal while minimizing explosive vapors. Apply it mechanically or manually as an immediate spill response agent.

Our environmentally-friendly cleaner is superb for oil spill sites and cleanup of other hydrocarbons.

Hasten Cleanse is ideal for hydrocarbon remediation of water, land, hard surface spills at industrial plants, tanks, cooling ponds, rocky or sandy shorelines, truck rollovers, and can mitigate potential damages that could be caused by cleanup crews.

Hasten Cleanse is sold only as a concentrate for all of your spill remediation needs in various size containers. Call us today for more information on our product and how it can meet your needs at (832) 655-7763.