Biodegradable Soil Remediation Concentrate

Proven Soil Remediation Solution on Projects in Texas and Louisiana

A revolutionary product that corrects the mistakes of the past with the advanced technology of tomorrow. HASTEN CLEANSE is applied to the soil in a pre-determined solution and alleviates the problem of hydrocarbon contaminated soils through enhancement of bioremediation by attaching itself to contaminants such as benzene, toluene, and xylene which are found in gasoline, diesel and industrial coatings, as well as other chemicals. HASTEN CLEANSE in controlled application, does not enhance migration of hydrocarbons toward the water table, and is readily biodegradable. It is multi-purpose and poses no enviroment threats due to its composition.

These three graphs represent actual soil remediation jobs done through the soil washing process. The graph on the right shows how the hydrocarbons that become emulsified in the water were reduced with the addition of Hasten Cleanse. Additional amounts of Hasten Cleanse added to the washwater will further reduce the levels of hydrocarbons.

Case studies have shown that Hasten Cleanse in prediluted solutions applied externally to the soil in a controlled fashion over a period of weeks, substantially lowered the levels of these hazardous components. The targeted hydrocarbons biodegrade and leave the soil in a correcting compliance mode. Additional applications render the soil cleaner than actually needed for mandated compliance. Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminants is now the most cost effective remediation practice for levels of hydrocarbons typically encountered in incidental spill scenarios

Listed here and below are results From actual sites where different applications of Hasten Cleanse were used

These two graphs show Hasten Cleanse was applied externally to the soil. In each location you can see how significant levels of hydrocarbons were reduced after just one application. If repeated applications are done, the hydrocarbon levels can be reduced to reach any compliance guideline.